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When dogs earn their angel wings, people who love them shed tears and mourn for their loss. It may take a while for them to accept that their furry friend is already gone but time will come that they'll eventually move on with their lives. They'll keep a special place in their heart for that dog and may later let themselves love another one. They could only hope that one day, in another lifetime, they'll be able to meet the pet they lost again. But, have we ever wondered what happens if the master goes to heaven first? How do dogs react to this situation?

Being a dog lover, I love watching movies that feature them. The last one I watched was "Hachi: A dog's tale" which is a drama film based on a true story that happened in Japan sometime in 1920s.

Hachiko [photo from Wikimedia Commons]
Hachiko came from a Japanese monastery; he was sent to the US but he was able to push his way out of his crate during travel and was eventually found by a professor named Parker Wilson in the train station. The professor took him home for a night with intentions of finding his real owner but failed. He then decided to keep him as pet. 

During his owner's life, Hachiko accompanied his master to the train station and waited for his arrival at the end of each day everyday. One day, his master never came. Still, for the next nine years, Hachiko patiently waited for his arrival on the same spot precisely when the train was due at the station.

I don't know how many buckets of tears I've shed while and after watching this movie. It portrayed that "a dog is really a man's bestfriend" and vise versa. I felt how sad Hachiko was when his master never came anymore. It was even more heartbreaking when the professor's wife came to the train station one day, nine years after her husband's death, and found Hachiko still waiting for him.Anyone with a heart would surely be touched how Hachiko did it for his master all those years---never finding out what happened to him.

Honestly, I wasn't able to sleep well after watching this movie. I suddenly missed the dog I lost last year and the events that happened in the movie kept on replaying in my head. Hachiko showed how loyal dogs can be and that friendship and love can be offered by anybody---even by a dog. I'll bet that even the most hard-hearted person would spill some saltwater while watching this movie. It is such a beautiful example of friendship and unconditional love.

Truly, nothing can replace the love we give to our dogs or to any pet we have. Just keep in mind that they too have feelings and they feel the same way towards their masters. :)

Have you watched this movie already? I highly recommend this to everyone!

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5 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. This is such a tearjerker. I also had friends who felt sad after watching this movie.

  2. I already watched the movie and it's really sad that Hachi stayed even when his owner already died. :(

  3. This movie made me cry as it shows the loyalty of Hachi to his master..

  4. For those who watched...shed tears all along. Cheers for the review.

  5. This movie really made me burst into tears. I was not expecting that the story will break my heart :(