That Thing Called Saxophone

I've been watching videos on youtube about people that play the saxophone. I am so amazed how they could make that thing work without a hassle. I couldn't imagine how much air they have to exert to play music and never seem to get tired in doing so.

I had already told you before that when I was a kid, I tried playing one of the instruments of a band member here in our area. I am still unsure what kind of instrument it was---all I remember is that no matter how hard I blow air into it, it wouldn't even budge. lols. I wonder if it's just as hard playing with a saxophone? I've seen that there's an alto saxaphone at guitar center that starters could use with ease.

I am not planning to buy one for myself; I just thought that maybe, somewhere along the globe, a reader of this blog might need help on where to buy a saxophone---one that could be played right out of the box :)

Do you know how to play this instrument? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below!

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2 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. This is a great instrument. I don't know how to play it but I have a friend who knows how. Youtube is one of the best tutorial site where you can learn things easily. :)

    1. I agree that Youtube can help a lot! It's my go-to place when I need tutorials. :-)