Nurse Deployment Project Journal for May 2014

It's been a while since my last post here! Seriously, I've been really busy with work. We did a lot---like a whole LooooOooot!---of paper works the past few weeks. Consolidation here, revisions there, encoding, reviewing data and etcetera etcetera! It's only now that I actually got the time to type and post my Nurse Deployment Project journal here. Enjoy!


May is the busiest month for me as NDP so far. We spent the first week of the month assisting the midwives with Regular Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI). We provided health teaching to parents before the baby receive the vaccine/s, what the possible side effects are and management they can do. We also instructed and guided our Community Health Teams about their monthly reports during the first week.

Paper work everywhere!

We had a meeting with our DOH-Representative on May 7 which was held at RHU-Jaen. Important reminders and guidelines about our reports were discussed as well as the issues and concerns we encountered during our tour of duty.

On the second week of the month, we acted as First Aiders during the Zumba Fitness Marathon as well as during the parade in Poblacion, San Isidro. We also trained new CHTs in this week.

On May 16, we had an NDP meeting held at Muňoz, Nueva Ecija wherein Vaccine Preventable Diseases were further discussed. A dry run of reports presentation was also done. On May 19, a similar event was held at Gapan City Hall. 

Then on May 21, the actual Program Implementation Review was held at Pampanga. The activities we did during the first four months were presented and discussed. Pieces of advice on how we can be better NDPs were given to us.

We also did tracing of the measles cases given to us by the Provincial Health Team. 
The rest of the days were spent in consolidating, reviewing, revising and finalizing our reports.


One important thing I’ve learned this month is to manage my time properly. We had a limited time to finish all our reports for the Program Implementation Review, to the point that we have to do it even on weekends

I also learned that teamwork is the key to the group’s success. We were able to do what we had to do because everyone was helping.


Frequent changes to the matrix/template we use for the Program Implementation Review was one factor why we had a hard time finishing our reports. Another factor why we also crammed some of our reports was the delay in sending out the matrix, or we were not informed right away that a template was sent already.

We also had a hard time getting data from the RHU because they have no file copy of some of the data we need. 


As much as possible, lessen the changes in the matrix we use for our reports to avoid wasting time in reviewing, revising and encoding new data. Matrix should also be sent ahead of time so we do not have to rush our reports.

RHUs, especially concerned officers, should have a file copy of all the reports so that if ever those reports are needed, they can just easily get it.

***end of report***

It is evident in my journal that our focus for last month was our reports. Nurses under the Nurse Deployment Project are to be evaluated quarterly and the reports we made as well as the score from the Municipal health Officer would be the basis for renewal of contract. I'm not really sure if it's true that they're going to replace us anytime soon. Hopefully not as I am enjoying what I do at work this time. :)

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  1. Hi. I want to know about the working days and time of work in this program. Is it Monday-Friday? If yes, that means saturday and sunday are off? And what's the time of the work? Thank you for replying.

  2. miss lily can share with me the template or format of your PIR? if its ok with you..thank u..Godbless..