Nurse Deployment Project Journal for June 2014

I know it's July already but I still want to post my Nurse Deployment Project journal for June here. So pardon for the very late update and whatnots! :p I'll keep the introduction short because what I wanted you (readers) to know is already stated in my journal.


June had been a pretty challenging month for us. Aside from attending the flag ceremonies and meetings with the LGU’s Administrator every Mondays, we spent most our days in the field tracking our EPI defaulters. We braved the heat of the sun and sometimes even the pouring rain just to see the children who needed vaccination. We’re fortunate enough that the Barangay Officials and Barangay Health Workers cooperated and supported the said activity.

We also participated in the Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs’ (OSCA) Aerobics Activity held on the 25th of June. We provided Medical Assistance and assisted in giving out medicines too.

Lastly, we consolidated the reports of our Community Health Teams and promptly submitted them along with other reports required from us.


Team effort played a big part in achieving positive results during our defaulters tracking. Planning ahead on what we’re going to do also helped us be more productive throughout our days in the field. I also learned to manage my time well to finish what needs to be done.

I learned how to communicate with people from all walks of life especially when we have to explain things and convince parents why their children needed to be vaccinated.


During our defaulters tracking, we cannot locate some children because the Barangay Health Workers do not know who they are and where they live. There are also children on our list that are not actually residents of the Barangay. 

We also encountered children who were vaccinated already but the data is not entered in the Target Client List.


Intensify information dissemination with regard to the importance of receiving vaccines through media, if feasible.

Data cleaning of the Target Client List (TCL) must be done in order to identify the real defaulters. Proper recording of data must also be observed at all times.

**end of journal**

It was indeed a very challenging month for all of us. But all our efforts paid off when we were able to somehow lower the number of children with incomplete vaccines. Our activities will continue until we reach our goal of having ZERO defaulters. I know we can do it. Aja! :)

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