Nurse Deployment Project Journal for July

This is oh-so-late for July, isn't it? I'm done finding excuses why so let's just skip that part. haha. When I got hired for this Nurse Deployment Project, it was reiterated to us during the orientation that it's just a 6-month-contract and that we'll be evaluated thereafter whatsoever if we'll still qualify for renewal. We all felt nervous and maybe scared that they won't renew us but hey, here I am still making journals. Thanks be to God! :)


We welcomed the month of July by signing our contract at the Provincial Health Office. We were also given pointers and feedback about our job by the DOH-Representative on the same day.

The first week of this month was our “sembreak” which enabled us to somehow rest and recover from all the stresses we encountered during the last six months of working as NDPs.

We mostly spent the second week of the month in the RHU doing and consolidating our reports including OPV/MMR Catch-up, NDP Scorecard and CHT reports. Some days were spent in assisting the RHU staff during the training and re-orientation of Barangay Health Workers about DOH programs.

On July 18, we imparted knowledge to some highschool students of Barangay Pulo by acting as “Resource Speaker” during their school activity. We gave them an overview of First Aid and demonstrated the common transfer methods used during emergencies.

The days that followed were spent tracking the remaining defaulters of each barangays. We tried to locate and vaccinate the children with the help of BHWs.

Tracking our "defaulters" in far flung areas with the help of a Barangay Health Worker.


We could not have done our job well if some of us didn’t participate in all the activities we did. Team effort is still the best tool in accomplishing goals.


We encountered the same problems last month for our defaulters tracking; partner health workers do not know who and where some of the defaulters live. Identifying and locating children consumed most of our time. Bad weather is a hindrance in working in the field too. 

Despite our efforts in explaining the benefits of vaccination, there were parents who still refused in having their children vaccinated. Some are afraid that their child might get sick or hurt.


Mobilize Barangay Health Workers to encourage mothers to get their children vaccinated before and during EPI schedule. Also, intensify information dissemination with regard to the importance of receiving vaccines through media, if feasible.


I'm not really sure how long I'll still be an NDP (this is just a two-year-project, contract renewable every six months FYI) but I'll do my best to be of help to my community in uplifting the health status of children and the population as a whole. I may just be a small part of it but atleast I can say that I did what I can while I still can. :)

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