When I Almost Lost Sam

Some of you might be confused on who Sam is so let me shed a ray of light on that note. He is a little cute guy full of fur and does nothing but eat, sleep and play all day (and night) long. I got him few months after Yuki flew to heaven and left me brokenhearted and miserable. He even inspired me to browse sites like this pet blog to ease sadness. So yeah, Sam is a dog.

The terrible thing happened few weeks back around 8pm while I was washing the dishes. We usually let Sam just roam around the house (no leash) before bedtime so he can put his energy to good use before sleeping. Unfortunately, my father (or brother?) forgot to close the gates and before we even know it, Sam was gone.

Little Sam and Omnom.

You could just imagine how much I panicked when I learned that Sam got out. I immediately went looking outside---around the yard where our Labradors were, then out. It was dark and we didn't have a clue as to which direction he went so finding him wasn't easy.

I asked the first person I met outside whether he saw a small dog but sadly, he didn't. I didn't really know what else to do that time. I was close to crying when I saw a small movement from the neighborhood and I knew, it was him. My father was the one who found him there. Apparently, Sam went there to "play" with his Aspin enemies friends.

Those fifteen or more minutes are one of the most terrifying moments in my life. The thought of losing him still freaks me out. I'm not sure how I could handle losing a pet once again. Not now. I wish not ever again.

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