Nurse Deployment Project Journal for August

It's been eight long months since I started working as a Nurse in our community under the program of DOH dubbed as Nurse Deployment Project. So far, though exhausting, I enjoy what we do in this field of work. Here's a glimpse of what transpired last month:


The first week of the month was spent in assisting our midwives in the regular EPI. We provided health teaching to parents about the vaccines, what to expect after the child receives the vaccine and the management they can do if the need arises. We also informed them about the upcoming MR-OPV Mass Immunization Activity on September and asked for their cooperation.

Aside from doing routine activities in the RHU, we also consolidated the reports of our CHTs as well as other paper works we need to submit. We were also able to meet our new DMO this month, Ms.___________. 

We continued tracking our defaulters while we still had time, with the help of our Midwives and Barangay Health Workers. After that, we’d been busy preparing for the September “Ligtas Tigdas” activity.


I further learned how to communicate with people from all walks of life. We can never tell when we’ll encounter angry or upset clients so I've learned to extend my patience as much as I can.

Teamwork, as well as proper communication, still plays a big part in all our activities. There was a time this month when we (colleagues) had a conflict due to miscommunication but we’re glad we were able to fix it right away.


We’re still having a hard time locating some of our defaulters. Hopefully we’ll be able to find them through the list of children for September Mass Immunization given by BHWs.


Intensify information dissemination with regard to the importance of vaccination. Reach out to people who live far from the health centers by mobilizing BHWs and concerned local officials.

***end of journal***

Mass Immunization is currently ongoing and it would be a big help if you guys will spread the news to friends or relatives who have children below 5 years old. You may obtain more specific schedules of vaccination from health centers near you. :)

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