How to Prevent Your Guitar Strings from Breaking

At one point in my life, I tried to be friends with my older brother's only stringed instrument---the guitar. It was just a simple one with two broken strings. After I saved up for those two strings, I excitedly asked my brother to fix the poor guitar. For days, I practiced patiently. Until one day, I decided to just drop it off because I don't sing anyway.

Few years later, my younger brother managed to learn to play on his own. He's good. However, the strings of his guitar just keep on breaking and he always replaces them with his disappointed self. That's why I tried searching for ways on how to improve the life of guitar strings. Guess what I found? Nut sauce!

A nut sauce is basically a lubricant that you apply to the nut, bridge, string guides and pivot points of the bridge.

Amazingly, reviews say that nut sauce is the magical answer to tuning and breakage problems. It works by reducing string friction and thus improves tuning stability and reduces string breakage.

We have yet to try it ourselves but if you have the same problem as ours, I suggest that you try using it too! :)

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