Nurse Deployment Project Journal | January 2015

So. After some scary rumors that went around early this year that some of us would not be renewed for Nurse Deployment Project, here I am typing my journal for January 2015. (It's March already! I know! :p) I just kept it short because we were told to submit a one-page journal.
Read at your own risk! :p


We welcomed January 2015 with doubts whether we’ll still be renewed as NDPs or not. Thankfully, after two weeks of waiting, we had our contract signing at the Regional Office. We also received short lectures and pieces of advice from DOH staff.

On our first week this month, we oriented our Barangay Health Workers regarding the activities we’ll do for the coming weeks. We worked hard to update and validate our master list of children, TB DOTS clients, pregnant women and women of reproductive age by visiting all households per purok. This activity is still ongoing.


I learned how valuable BHWs are in accomplishing tasks in the barangays. Their cooperation contributes greatly to the success of activities in the community.


Cooperation of our Midwives and BHWs is our utmost concern this month. We had a really hard time borrowing the TCLs to the point that they told us to just photocopy everything.

In my area of assignment, BHWs said they only follow instructions from the Midwife. They are quite hesitant in doing what we ask of them. We even walked in one purok without any BHW accompanying us.


Meeting with the Midwives and BHWs, in the presence of MHO, RHP and our DMO would really help in clarifying and resolving the above issues.

**end of journal**

I really hope everything else will fall into their places for the coming months. We are so stressed right now because there's just so much to do! Tapos wala pang salary since January. -_-

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  1. Good Day po! I am a nursing student from Filamer Christian University and I would like to ask about the job description of NDP kasi po we're conducting research about it and couldn't find one. Hoping for your kind consideration po. Thankyouu and Godbless!

    1. Hi. Pls leave ur email address so I can send it to you. 😊

  2. Hi. I would like to ask more about the program so if you could send me an email, that would be great!