9 Things About Myself

Hi! How long had it been since I posted about the Ten-Day Blog Challenge I decided to participate in? You don't remember? Well, I totally understand! It's been ages! I was only able to complete #1 of the list which is "10 Things I Want to Say."

I'm not really good at following schedules but I surely do my best to finish what I've started. With that said, here's my entry for the continuation of that challenge:

#2: 9 Things About Myself:

#9: I am a twenty-something Filipina Nurse who works for the Department of Health. I guess most of you already know that!

#8: I have two dogs, namely Sam and Chloe. They make my life happier. Really.

#7: As of 5/24/15, I am single. lols. People around me keep on asking when I'll get married. Well, who knows? :)

#6: I may be a girl but I like playing games on my Nintendo 3DS XL. I actually save some money to buy new games. So, if anyone out there is thinking of giving me something, just buy me a new game pleeeease? :P (Yoshi's New Island, Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Donkey Kong, any!)

#5: I'm a crybaby.

#4: I hate it when I know the truth and people still lie. I hate it more when they try to deceive me and/or feed me with half-baked truths. Yeah, that's why I kinda find it hard to trust people I've only been with for a few weeks.

#3: I am generally kind to others. I always try to respect them no matter how bad they've been to me.

#2: I say NO to smoking. It's a major turn off! LOLs! But seriously, you guys should stop it. I believe being healthy is the best gift you can give to your loved-ones.

#1: I am just as scared as everyone else when it comes to speaking in front of a huge crowd or leading a group in an activity. It just doesn't show!!! 

So there. I hope you catch a little something about me. Writing this post took me forever. wew. Watch out for my entries in the foreseeable future! hehe :)

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