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My mind is a warehouse of random emotions right now. A lot is happening at once and I can't seem to focus on any of them. I feel stressed, unfortunately. The past few weeks consumed so much of my positive vibes. Now I'm left with very little energy to even genuinely smile.

As usual, work had been a roller coaster ride. Being a community nurse, we have to do a lot of walking to reach our target clientele. I can't stress enough how exhausting it is---long walks, scorching heat of the sun, heavy rain, dogs, uncooperative people...need I say more? We endure all these for the satisfaction we get when people appreciate what we do. Seeing their happy faces and witnessing improvement in health indicators in the community boost our desire to continue.

However, nurses are still mortals. Perhaps due to changing weather conditions and exhaustion from work, I got sick. I promised to myself before that I wouldn't abuse my earthly body. Remember my November 2011 Story? Oh well, I really thought it was happening again. High grade fever and all. Thanks be to God that after a week, I got better. :)

There are times that I just want to give up. Grab a new opportunity. Go somewhere else. I feel this way the most when there are too many things to do and yet some of your colleagues do not care at all. It has always been this way since day 1 and it seems like I'm so fed up already. Sorry guys, please learn to have "self initiative." We are no longer students after all.

Okay. That's all for this post I think. There's nothing else I want to say about other things like my love life, etc. (if any. haha) and I don't want to throw a major rant right now. lols. Thanks for reading this far! :)

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