2015; The Year It Was

It feels like 2015 passed in a snap! I know how lazy I've been in updating this blog but I would certainly not let January pass by without greeting you a Happy New Year! Congratulations guys for making it through another year! *wink*

Life lately had been pretty busy. Honestly, I don't even want to talk about it but...maybe it's about time I pour these things out. Yeah? :)

So. What happened the past year?
January: I decided to do this "10 Day Challenge Thing" and failed miserably. lols. I just couldn't finish it, you know. :p

I felt so stressed this month too because of some scary rumors that we're not going to be renewed for our job. Thankfully, we were rehired. BUT, we were given so many things to do it felt like we're constantly running out of time. (Plot Highlight: We survived!)

February: It was my month. All I can remember is I celebrated my birthday with close friends. We dined out and watched a movie. I realized how blessed I am with people who find time to celebrate with me inspite of their busy schedule. #TYL

March: My dog, Sam, got confined for the second time around. I really thought he's not gonna make it but miracles do happen. He got well after a few days and was back to his normal self. Continued medication and check ups were done.

Sam in the hospital. :(
April: I believed in second chances.

May: I thought better things were coming. I opened my heart to great possibilities and prepared to fail and try again. I'm so vague, noh? :) 

June: Probably the happiest part of 2015. It felt like I was on a high, on a high, high, high. Little did I know that it wouldn't last that long. How ironic life is. Yeah. One moment we are happy, the next feeling we're blue.

July: We went to Pampanga for our Program Implementation Review. Just so you know, it's an activity wherein we present our accomplishments for the past few months. We also receive pieces of advice from our superiors and of course, "other" comments as well. It was also when we had our contract renewal. Various activities were also conducted this month in relation to High Impact Five: a strategy by DOH in order to sustain, promote and uplift the health status of Filipinos.

NDPs with our Rural Health Physician and Public Health Nurse.
August: A busy month indeed. We conducted School Based Immunization throughout the month. We made sure that no one was missed.

It was also a heartbreaking month for me---I lost Sam. I could not even begin to write about it. It was so painful to lose another dog. He surely put up a good fight with his disease and I just find comfort in knowing that he is no longer in pain wherever he is now.

September: I started to doubt that second chances are worth it. Or if I'm even worth it.

October: Pain makes us stronger. Who would have thought that happiness could disappear like a bubble? My dream was so short-lived. I woke up before I even realize that everything was just an illusion.

Another Program Implementation Review was held but this time, it was in Subic. We had fun.

NDPs by the seashore.
It was also October when a typhoon hit our province. Never in my entire life had I ever experienced massive flooding in our area. Everything was under water and electricity services became unavailable. With God's guidance, thankfully, everyone was able to overcome the situation.

November: Work and other stuff continued to occupy my time. I decided to "avoid" posting in social media. I don't know but I felt it was necessary for me to rethink my priorities and decide which ones matter. I still can't say what transpired but soon enough, big change is coming...

December: Another disaster hit our province just when it was about to rise from previous devastation. It was horrible indeed. Despite not having a storm signal, continuous rain resulted to massive flooding. As health workers, we again made efforts to reach out and provide services to affected individuals.

This month was supposed to be a joyous season. Filipinos are well known for being resilient. Kaya kahit bumagyo at nasalanta, tuloy pa rin ang pagdiriwang ng Pasko. Our family celebrated it with our relatives. There were foods, games and gifts for everyone. It was a fun-and-love-filled day.

You see, it wasn't a very "special" year for me. But I sure did learn a lot, like a whole lot. I know I'm not getting any younger so I am really looking forward to experiencing more adventures this 2016. It's already page 8 of 366 page Life Book and I'm so ready to get braver, wiser and happier!

How about you, what's 2015 been like? :)

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