Crossing Some Things Off my Bucket List!

It's been a while since I last posted about my progress in the Bucket List I shared  with you not too long time ago. A few has already been ticked off but I wasn't able to post them here. So, for the sake of updating my progress, I'll be putting them here in one single post. :)

Outing with family. It was summer last year when we finally got the chance to go out as a family. The place we went to wasn't that far but as they say, the place doesn't matter much as long as you are with the important people in your life. I hope we'll be able to do this again some time.

Strawberry picking. It happened just this year during Panagbenga festival in Baguio City. I went to Strawberry farm with my friends and enjoyed the scenery. We actually didn't pick strawberries but being there, and seeing the farm, is enough for me to tick it off my bucket list.

Color my hair. I had always been that boring girl with boring hairstyle and all. But on September last year, I decided to finally do it. It was my first time so the color isn't that obvious. I guess I'll be doing it again this year. 
Me and my bestfriend. :)
I have simple wishes, don't you think? hehe. I learned that it's really the simple things in life that matter. *wink* Watch out for my future posts! "Like" our FB page Lily's Corner to stay updated.

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