Blue Ivy Is Launching Her Own Line

It looks like Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z, is getting ready to launch her own beauty and hair care age FIVE! That's right, according to court documents that have been filed, Bey's team plans to trademark the name Blue Ivy Carter for a whole slew of products including makeup, hair care, clothing, video games and more. The application should be approved soon, although this is the second application that had to be filed. A similar one was filed back in 2012, but was shut down because someone already had a trademark on the name Blue Ivy. 

Blue Ivy already has a pretty darn amazing life, of course, being the child of two gigantic superstars. We can already imagine that she is thrilled that she is going to be a big sister of TWO little babies here in a few months! We are sure that she is going to be a huge help to her mom and dad when the babies arrive, and we can only imagine how adorable they are all going to be together! Plus, once the twins are born, Blue Ivy is going to be right around the age to start really caring about hair, makeup, fashion, etc, and we are sure she is going to be dressing up those babies all the time! It's super exciting to imagine the possibilities for Blue Ivy's very own line of products. Not to mention the fact that just a few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West announced that their daughter, North, would be helping them put together a kid's fashion line! What an awesome time to be a kid!

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