2016; The Year It Was

I know it's a bit late and it's already 14/365 page of this year's Life Book but I couldn't help but reminisce the wonderful (and not) things that happened the previous year. I know I haven't been paying much attention to this blog the past few months---I have no excuses to say---but I certainly would not let this chance pass without greeting you guys a Happy New Year! :) 

A lot has happened in 2016 and I would try to tell them all in this Year End Post. You may also read my previous entries here: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

January had been a tough phase of my 2016. I was kinda confused and sad for reasons I-should-no-longer-tell. But if there's one thing that I'm thankful for this month, it's that I learned to value myself more.

February was a little better. I celebrated my birthday with workmates and friends. I am very grateful to God for giving me the chance to meet them in this lifetime.

My friends and I also visited Baguio City this month. We were able to watch the much-awaited Flower Parade of Panagbenga Festival. It was definitely an unforgettable  experience---both in a good and bad way.

In March, I felt like things were becoming a whole lot more bearable. Yep, the first quarter of my year was mostly about my heart issues. Sorry na :)) 

April and May were mostly spent juggling my precious time between work and keeping myself sane. We'd been really busy vaccinating children with Dengvaxia (anti-dengue vaccine) and conducting other activities for the Department of Health. I can say that everything we did was fulfilling in spite of all the mishaps, physical demands and emotional turmoils we encountered.

Thankfully, I was given a chance to breathe some fresh air before the month of May ended or else I might have grown sick and tired of all the negativism floating around me. My friends and I went to Tagaytay to do some catching up. Here are some pictures just to break the monotony of this post. #lols

View from People's Park in the Sky

View from our Accommodation (Wind Residences)

View at Bag of Beans Bed & Breakfast

June was when I finally decided to take a path I so oftenly avoided. For months, I have mulled over the idea of quitting my job as a nurse and finding a new one worth risking what I already have. Leaving my workmates who also became good friends felt sad and stepping out of my comfort zone was really scary; but, as of this writing, my heart knows that I did the right thing.

Come July, I felt like I was walking on a road I'm barely familiar with. I started my job in a new agency and I was deployed on my first day without any orientation whatsoevah! Adjusting to this not-so-sudden change in my life was quite hard and a little bit frustrating. I couldn't say that I regret my decision though.

In August and September, I did my best to learn what I needed to learn in order to accomplish and satisfy my job description. It wasn't easy especially when you didn't get a proper training for the job. I am lucky and thankful that my colleagues in my workplace are patient enough to teach me.

The last quarter of the year (October, November & December), I could say, is the happiest part of my 2016. I finally met the man who is worth breaking down my walls for. You see, I am a girl full of doubts and I have guarded my heart for the longest time (7-8years?); but, I know and feel that he is worth every risk and every pain I might experience. No relationship is ever perfect but ours is one that'd last for a lifetime. :)

2016 isn't the best year but it definitely is a year I would cherish. I was able to travel and see life beyond the walls I created. I had let go of some people who don't see my worth and God made a way for me to meet new ones. I guess that is just how life is. We just have to be brave enough to face whatever comes our way.

This 2017, I am looking forward to meeting new people and trying new things. Please bear with my intermittent updates in this blog. (I'm just sooo busy. #lols) I hope you're having a great start this year of the rooster! Keep safe, y'all. :)

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