Change Your Looks Using Box Braids

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions written here are mine.

Growing up, I've always wondered how it feels to wear a wig. I was amazed every time I see artists wearing one; some were short while some were long and with different colors. I personally do not bother styling my hair because it is time consuming. But lately, I began to imagine myself with a different hair look that I can painlessly wear and started researching a little about wigs that might suit me. I found many options in the internet but one that really caught my eye was the box braids with different styles. 

These ones look really fun to wear, right? :)

Based on my research, box braids, which are most of the time made of synthetic material, come in different lengths and colors. There are those that reach your waist and there are those that you can toss to your shoulder. Whatever length you decide to get, it is suggested to keep these three things in mind: 

  •  Pick a color that suits your skin. It can be fun color, brown or simply black.
  •  Choose an established store to buy your box braids from. Make sure that they are ones that are already leading in that industry. 
  • Pick a style that lasts for months and are easy to care for. You don’t want to waste your money’s worth, ey? :) 
For the time being, I am still finalizing my decision whether to buy one for myself or not. How about you? Do you own one of those box braids? Share your tips as well in the comment box below!

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