Best dash covers and Camaro car covers

Dashcovers help in enhancing the beauty of your car and even protect your car dashboard by getting damaged. So here are so many varieties of dash covers that you will love to have in your cars.
1. DashMat Velour Dashboard Cover

Its material is made of soft and elegant foam backed velour which of high quality and is very much soft that it will protect your car. All edges are precut and give it a good factory look and help to enhance the beauty of the interior of the car. It also keeps your dash looking cool and even brand new. It is available in so many color choices and also gives its customers 2 years of warranty for its usage.

2. DashMat Ultimat Molded Dashboard Cover

This dash cover is the best fitting and best-looking dash cover that is nowadays available in the market. It is available in only 10 colors option. It gives its users a lifetime warranty for its usage. It is made with very much durable fabric or material with the non-shrinking property. It is very much soft moulded and takes the shape according to the size of the dashboard.

3. DashMat Suede Dashboard Cover

Its key features are: It is very much rich in appearance and gives you feel of suede-like fabric. All vents and the sensor openings are pre-cut and that gives it a perfect factory finishing look. This cover will help you to protect your dash from the direct UV-Rays of the sun. It is available in four color options and gives its users four years of warranty.

Camarocar covers are the covers that help in protecting the interior surface of your car by making it scratch resistant and even these covers are water resistant that will help in protecting your car.

1. Softweave Cotton Indoor Custom Car Cover

This is a custom car cover that will perfectly be fitted to your car surface and is available in just three colors that are red, black and grey. It is made up of 100% cotton fabric that is very much soft for your car and will prevent your car from getting damaged and scratched. It is made in the USA and protects your car from the direct heat and sunlight of the sun. It blocks UV-Rays from entering your car's interior. It has just 2 years of warranty for its users.

2. Stormweave Custom-Fit Car Interior Convertible Cockpit Covers

It is a car cover that gives 180 UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). It protects the car fully from the UV-Rays that are directed from the sun. It is light in weight and hence gives you 2 years of warranty for its usage.

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