Quit Worrying!

I set my fone's alarm @ 4:00am yesterday so I could get in the hospital on time.

Thanks to my ever reliable body clock, I woke up even before my fone alarms! LOL.
(excited for duty much? XD)

So instead of convincing myself that I still have time to sleep, I just got out of bed and took a bath. Ooh..the water was freezing cold!

After all the jumping and screaming under the shower (kidding...hehe), I dressed up and ate my breakfast.

I left our house before the clock strikes 6. Lucky me, I was able to ride the jeepney early. *happy*

While the driver was busy driving,  (mind you, he drives so fast! parang byaheng langit na!),
I was busy enjoying the scenic view along the way. There was fog all over the road, with 75% visibility or less. (Baguio teh? hehe)

Until... the jeepney stopped and waited for passengers.

tick tock.
NO signs that we're leaving yet.

tick tock.
I was getting bored and irritated.

tick tock.

I looked at my watch...15 precious minutes of my life was already wasted! I'll be late!

I started to worry... (i hate being late!)

But then I thought, what's the point of worrying? No matter how much I worry about it, I'm going to be late!

Then, we started moving again... As I predicted, I was late. My efforts of getting up early was wasted. Thanks to you manong driver!


Maybe that's something everybody should try... stop worrying about something you cannot change. Embrace what is destined to happen  then learn from it. Worry never fixes anything...

“Worry is like a rocking chair--it gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere.”


Di na ko sasakay sa jeep na yun. :P

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