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Shopping online is one of the few things I kept on doing the past few weeks. From clothes to accessories to books, you name it! haha. Okay, I. Am. Just. Kidding. But, I honestly spend a lot of time looking for products that are worth my blog's hard-earned-$$$ that are forever sleeping in my Paypal account. Maybe you'd ask, "Why don't you just withdraw it then?" Hmm. Unfortunately, my Paypal account is STILL unverified. (SideNote: I promise that I'll verify my Paypal before 2013 ends. :pSo, no matter how much I'm dying to withdraw my money to my bank account, I can't. Hence, I just spend it shopping online! Thanks be to whoever I should thank that Human Heart Nature accepts Paypal as a payment method! Wiiiii! *arms flailing wildly*


*composes self*

One of the reasons why I purchased several products from Human Heart Nature is this: I've been reading a lot of positive reviews about them and I want to try them out myself! And did I tell you that their products are 100% chemical free? Yessss.

I placed my order last January 6. The following day, I received an update that one of my orders is out-of-stock and they'll just deliver it once it becomes available, with free delivery. I have to say that their customer service is so nice, because they send you emails on the whereabouts of your orders!

Yesterday, January 8, the first package was delivered to our doorstep! That's amazingly fast, ey? :)

The products were wrapped in old newspapers, with the fragile ones in a bubble wrap, then they were carefully placed in a beautiful box. See that picture on the lower right? That's HHN's box! So nice. :)

The products I bought.
Sunflower Beauty Oil, 100% Natural Cleansing Bar, 100% Natural Mineral Powder (Island Shell)

The second package arrived today, wrapped exactly the same as the first one. I must say that, I am a satisfied online consumer! hahaha. Thanks Human Heart Nature! I'll make reviews about these products soon!

Want to try their products too? Head on to now! :) Products are very affordable!

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