The Year it Was: 2012 Recap

I was supposed to write a year-end-post before the book of 2012 is actually closed. Too bad that I'd been busy doing my accomplishment report and tally sheet (for my job) instead. I guess it's not too late to do a recap, right? Haha. But before I start to bore you to death with my not-so-interesting but equally-worth-remembering moments of 2012, let me first greet you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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This post would include the highlights of my 2012 and some insights, if I have any. hehe.


On to the recap!

January: After two months of hiatus from work due to health issues, I went back to my routine hospital duties. That was also the month that I looked forward to meeting a HAPPYish me. *emo* -_-

February: I was still *emo* perhaps because of hormones. Haha. That's the only thing I could blame for my mood swings. And, due to my best friend's greatest heartbreak too. Read: When Love is Real, You Can't Walk Away

I also celebrated my 20something birthday that month---the most solemn birthday I ever had! I won't go into details because it just makes me feel a little bad. hehe.

My contract with DOH ended that month too, which feels really nice because despite the bad things it brought me, I met a lot of new friends and was able to experience the real life of a nurse in the hospital and community setting.

That month also marked the start of my real blogging experience. I joined several blog contests and also started earning from this blog. It's not much, but I feel really satisfied.

March: I had the unforgettable interview that helped me land the job I have now.

April: I finally had the nerve to accept that certain things are really gone. Read: He Just Doesn't Care Anymore. I was also hired that month, not as a nurse, but in the hospital setting still. April 2012 was also when I was finally weaned (lols) from my medicines! No more Lasix, Captopril and Lanoxin! :)

May: We were deployed to our hospital assignments as Philhealth Customer's Assistance, Relations and Empowerment Staff. I learned to communicate with people from all walks of life.

June: I received several prizes from different contests I've joined. I'll post the pics below after the recap. :)

July: I struggled so hard to keep my sanity. Haha. I got bored with my job but thankfully managed to get through. I realized that it's the little things that matter and every small act you do for other people has the ability to leave a great impact in their life. 

I started reading books again and I was also able to write a some-sort-of-fictitious-fact (if that term exists. hahaha) blogpost entitled Split.

August: I shared my opinion about Tito Sen's plagiarism issue. It has been a very noisy issue in the blogosphere. I guess that should serve as an eye-opener to all of us; that we should learn to accept our faults and try to make it right instead of covering it up and making lame excuses.

September: I had an unforgettable getaway with my friends in Manila Oceanpark. I was not able to blog about it, but hopefully, one of these days.

October: I was assigned in the hospitals that are so-so-far from where I live. It was definitely exhausting---travelling every waking day---to and from the hospital. I almost wanted to give up because I know, it's not good for my health. Hmm. The worst part? I had to report to those hospitals for three consecutive monthsssss. No doubt why I haven't gained weight. T_T

November: It has been a year since I got sick and thanks be to God, I am still alive and kicking! We were able to visit the newly opened theme park in our barangay, Carron Dream Park, with my kuya's wife. We had fun and we felt real proud that such attraction is just three-tumblings-away from our home! hehe.

December: A month of happiness! Christmas 2012 is one of the most memorable thing that happened that year. We had a family reunion, we played games and shared a lot of laughter! :)

Throughout the year, this blog was able to receive several gifts from either sponsors or as prizes for the contests I've joined. I was also able to earn a few $$$ from writing articles. Here are some of this blog's hard-earned gifts:

From now on to the foreseeable years ahead of us, I'll do a recap. Basta buhay pa ako. haha. If you're wondering if I made any resolutions, the answer is No. As they say, the year doesn't have to be NEW for us to change certain things. We can and may do it anytime!

Cheers to all the blessings and opportunities! All glories be to God! :)

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