Yuki is in the Hospital

Right now, my eyes hurt so bad 'coz I've been crying since five and a half hours ago. My beloved Yuki (Shihtzu) is currently confined in the vet's clinic and she's in a bad condition. :'c

About five days ago, I noticed that blood was coming out from her nose. I didn't pay too much attention to it because my mother said that she just probably bumped her nose somewhere while running around the house. Three or four days ago, her feces were black in color. I kept on thinking if I fed her something that could've caused that appearance of her stools. She had no appetite for almost three days now.

This is not the first time that Yuki lost her appetite. But, last night, before we go to bed, her tongue was almost white in color. When I checked her gums, it's as white as the clouds. I was very alarmed.

It's her who I checked first upon waking up. I was hoping for her to look fine but my hopes were crushed right before my feet. I decided to not go to work and bring her to the vet for check up. She is far more important to me than my job. :'c

I carried her in my arms on our way to the main road. She was too weak to walk. This just made me suspect that something is really really wrong with her. :'c She was very quiet while we were in the jeepney. She just slept in my arms...unlike before that she watches everything that we pass by.

When we arrived in the vet's clinic, the vet's assistants took her vital signs immediately. I had to relate what happened to her and after the vet assessed her condition, she told me that it's best if we confine and observe her in the clinic. I just said yes, signed some papers and watched as they extracted blood and inserted IV Fluids to her. Yuki didn't even flinch when the needles were inserted.

I asked the vet if I could stay with Yuki for a while and I think she said yes. But even if she said no, I think I might have stayed anyway. I couldn't leave Yuki there alone. It was is so painful watching her lying helplessly on the table. I was holding my tears while I was by her side. I know I have to be strong for her. When it was time to go, I took a look at her face, her eyes, her tail. I think she understood that I want her to fight; that she has to come home soon... :'c

I burst into tears when I closed the clinic's door behind me. Yuki is not just a pet to me. She's my best friend; my protector; my happiness. She's a family member.

Before I go home, I walked for a while, gasping for air. People were looking at me but I didn't care. At all. I cried even more when I arrived home. It. Is. So. Painful. Every corner of our home reminds me of her. I want to run to the vet's clinic and take Yuki home. Take her for a walk around the farm which she dearly loves. Take her to the river where she first learned how to swim. Take her anywhere where she will be happy.

Now, I am asking everyone who reads this blog to please pray for Yuki. Her blood test result is not good. The vet said it might be blood parasitism and that there is a 50-50 chance of survival. :'c Please...pray for her recovery. :'c

I could only hope that Yuki never gives up. Because I won't. Never will... :'c

Photo Taken last Christmas, 2012.

Update (01-13-13): Yuki already flew to heaven. :'c

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