Digicam Blues

I have always wanted to own a digital camera that I can use in taking photos for this blog eventhough my phone's camera already takes decent pictures. I just never find the time (and money. lols) to buy one for myself.

My mom has one a digicam that I usually borrow but few days ago it won't open anymore. I'm not sure yet if it just needs to be charged or its battery has already given up. If ever its battery needs to be changed, do you know any local store that sells sony camera batteries at a reasonable price? It would be much better if I could just buy it online so I can save time and effort. :)

I hope that one day I could finally buy a camera. I also want an Instax Mini so I could easily print the pictures but right now, I have different priorities. (Besides, I haven't received my salary yet since January!) Argh.

That's all guys. xoxo. :)

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